Postgres SQL Syntax (Was Re: [rt-users] Upgrade problems)

Jesse Vincent jesse at
Fri Jan 28 09:15:51 EST 2005

> It dies with an error to the effect of 'index ticketcustomfieldvalues1
> doesn't exist'. So, the rest of the commands in that file fail, thus
> some critical DB updates don't happen.
> Removing the following two lines; 
>   drop index ticketcustomfieldvalues1;
>   drop index ticketcustomfieldvalues2;
> from etc/upgrade/3.3.0/schema.Pg, allows it to complete successfully and
> the history displays properly.
> Is this a problem with my existing database missing these indexes or
> does the 3.3.0/schema.Pg file need to be modified in the next RT
> release?

I'd thought we'd already caught that. Hm. perhaps only for mysql. Is
there a postgres syntax for "DROP index IF EXISTS?

> Thanks,
> Les
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