[rt-users] Multiple instances on one machine?

Ramon Kagan rkagan at yorku.ca
Fri Jan 28 10:20:32 EST 2005

Sorry I should have been more specific.  If you want both within the same
apache instance mod-perl will not work.  Fastcgi will.

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On Fri, 28 Jan 2005, Stephen Turner wrote:

> At Friday 1/28/2005 08:28 AM, Ramon Kagan wrote:
> >HI,
> >
> >If you are going to do this... which I have in my test/qa environment you
> >have to run fastcgi, mod_perl cannot be loaded twice.  Otherwise is works
> >fine.
> I've had 2 instances of rt 3.3.12 running OK under modperl - I used two
> separate instances of apache and two separate rt directory trees. The
> apaches must listen on different ports, of course.
> Steve
> Stephen Turner
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