[rt-users] Re: Ending multiple RT accounts per user created by email tickets

seph seph at directionless.org
Fri Jan 28 14:40:49 EST 2005

It's been awhile, so your problem might have been solved, but I didn't
see any replies on rt-users.

> I have tried configuring the "CanonicalizeEmailAddress" parameters
> (...Match=corp.bar.com|baz.com, ...Replace=bar.com), and that had no
> effect.

If your canonicalization is this regular, than yes, you should be able
to set those variables in the site config. You'll have to restart RT
to see the changes, and it will not merge the old user accounts. If
you have a more complex canonicalization, you can overlay the actual
function that does this.

> Is there any tidy way to tell the thing to:
> a) whack off the stuff after the "@",
> b) use the remaining username as the account requester, and

use the variables you already found.

> c) assign that requester the address listed in LDAP?
> Any accounts that did not exist already would be created using just the
> username and the LDAP email.  Thus one person, lots of email addresses,
> one RT account.

overlay the subroutine to include an ldap lookup.

I'm not sure why it failed for you, did you restart apache? Were you
hoping it would also merge users?


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