[rt-users] WikiText formatting problem

Stephen Hancock sh.hancock at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 16:31:33 EST 2005

We have several questions on the wiki-text field in RTFM. We love it
but have not been able to find a way to disable wiki links. The
formatter takes any word with two capitals and makes it a wikilink for
internal documents. The formatting rules state that by putting !
before the word will disable this. It does not work for us.

Also, the only way we can generate external links is to enclose the
link in square brackets. The docs state that this should be picked up
automatically in formating.

The information we are using is the KwikiFormattingRules in the RT
Wiki documentation.

The level headings work for us as does the horizontal line. 

I'm not sure what the external link <http://*> could possibly be used
for since it makes the link invisible. But I'm probably missing
something here.

Any help with the above would be much appreciated, especially a way to
turn off wikilinks.

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