[rt-users] RT error output

Jason Parsons jparsons-lists at saffron.net
Sun Jan 30 00:21:43 EST 2005

I would like to assure that RT and Mason never write errors to the 
end-user (email or web interfaces).  I have set LogToScreen to undef in 
RT_SiteConfig.pm, however, Mason compilation errors still go to screen.

Reading the Mason docs, it seems as if the following in Apache's 
httpd.conf should work:

   <Location />
     PerlSetVar MasonErrorMode fatal
     SetHandler perl-script
     PerlHandler RT::Mason

However, Mason compilation errors are still printed to the user even 
with MasonErrorMode set to fatal.

I would appreciate any help in assuring that the end-user never sees 
Mason or RT errors.

Thank you.
  - Jason Parsons

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