[rt-users] 3.4.1 Custom Field Permissions

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Tue May 3 16:39:59 EDT 2005

Related to my original question - it appears that for a user to grant 
permissions on a custom field object to a group, they need "ModifyACL" 
permission on  the CF object. But I don't see ModifyACL in the custom 
field's group rights screen.

code in ACE_Overlay.pm:
         unless ( $self->CurrentUser->HasRight( Object => $args{'Object'}, 
Right => 'ModifyACL' )) {
             return ( 0, $self->loc('Permission Denied') );

But - the valid rights on a custom object seem not to include ModifyACL - 
from CustomField_Overlay.pm:

     SeeCustomField            => 'See custom fields',       # loc_pair
     AdminCustomField          => 'Create, delete and modify custom 
fields',        # loc_pair
     ModifyCustomField         => 'Add, delete and modify custom field 
values for objects' #loc_pair


So, can only users with global ModifyACL rights controll the group access 
to custom fields?


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