[rt-users] Viewing images inline in RTFM articles

Scott Frisbie scottf at eacceleration.com
Mon Oct 3 17:30:48 EDT 2005

I've been trying to find a way to get some screenshots to display inline
in an RTFM article. My main content for these how-to's is a custom field
with type 'Fill in one wikitext area.' The best I've been able to come
up with so far is a link to the picture. Is there a special formatting
necessary to get them to display? The pictures all have '.png' suffixes.
Do I need to save them in a different format to get them to display
RT 3.4.3
RTFM 2.1
Scott Frisbie (Friz) 8^)
scottf at eAcceleration.com

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