[rt-users] rt svn integration?

Nathan J. Mehl rtusers at memory.blank.org
Tue Oct 4 14:48:43 EDT 2005

In the immortal words of Jesse Vincent (jesse at bestpractical.com):
>  Whatever's current on CPAN _Should_ have it.

0.03 is current on cpan, but the docs make no mention.  UTSL, I guess?

> > BTW, wouldn't it make more sense to put the RT-Foo stuff in svn
> > metadata, specficallly the bugtraq:* elements?
> Pointer to docs on bugtraq: svn metadata? I've never this hack. Also, I
> detest the spelling.


The spelling is lame, but support for it already exists in
TortoiseSVN, which is VERY handy, e.g.:



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