[rt-users] rt svn integration?

Nathan J. Mehl rtusers at memory.blank.org
Tue Oct 4 16:09:28 EDT 2005

In the immortal words of Michael S. Liebman (m-liebman at northwestern.edu):
> It's possible to use those keywords without any changes to
> RT::Integration::SVN.

Oh, heh, sure enough:

Property                Value
--------		-----
bugtraq:url 		http://rt.example.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=%BUGID%
bugtraq:label           Ticket Number
bugtraq:message         RT-Ticket: %BUGID%
bugtraq:warnifnoissue   yes

...works like a charm.  The only limitation is that tsvn doesn't
appear to support multiline bugtraq:messages, so by default any svn
comments will be appended to the ticket as a comment rather than as a
correspond... but that's probably trivial to change if anyone needs to.


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