[rt-users] Another RT2 to RT3 conversion

Frank Copeland fjc at wossname.apana.org.au
Tue Oct 4 20:31:58 EDT 2005

I've just performed a much-overdue upgrade from 2.0.x (Debian woody) to
3.0.12 (Debian sarge). I've been through the usual trials:

* Had to downgrade DBI::SearchBuilder to successfully export the old
* Had to set client_encoding (Postgres) to successfully import it again (old
database was SQL_ASCII, new database is UNICODE).
* Reset the sequence counters on the database.

I've now got RT3 to the point where it can browse the old database but can't
modify it. When I try to create a new ticket, either using rt-mailgate or
the web interface, it sends an autoreply claiming the ticket has been
created but the ticket doesn't appear in the database. The web server is
then unable to process any other RT requests, clicking a link just results
in the browser sitting waiting for a response. At that point I see a
postgres client connected to the database waiting for a transaction to
complete. Restarting the web server kills the postgres client and allows
access to RT again.

I'm fairly sure the import of the old database was successful although there
were some errors reported at the end:

--- 8< ---

Importing links
Could not create scrip: On Owner Change Notify Old Owner with template Steal
in queue #0
 - may be due to a non-standard template, condition or action

Could not create scrip: On Owner Change Notify Owner As Comment with
template Give in queue #0
 - may be due to a non-standard template, condition or action
Couldn't create link  from fsck.com-rt:/ticket/1551 to
Couldn't create link  from fsck.com-rt:/ticket/1949 to

--- 8< ---

Frank Copeland
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