[rt-users] RT for CRM?

Jonathan Kelly j.kelly at julien.ca
Wed Oct 5 12:34:44 EDT 2005


In one of the chapters of the fine RT Essentials book*, there's mention
of RT in a CRM-type context. We're currently using RT for customer
support and I hear rumblings of a CRM project in the next few months.
This got me wondering: what would be missing in RT for it to act as a
"Customer Tracker" as well as a request tracker?

A CRM-enabled RT would introduce the concept of "Account" management
which would allow to link tickets to Accounts and link users to Accounts
(which would be contacts). The account contains the usual company info
(address, industry, etc).

I believe the rest of the CRM features (activities, leads,
opportunities, etc.) could be managed through ticket queues and custom
fields. A nice bonus, though, would be to have the classic "full
customer view" screen where you can see the contact info and a summary
of all his open tickets.

What do you guys think? Any success stories or caveats of using RT to do


Jonathan Kelly
*(every time you use RT while not owning this book God kills a kitten).

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