[rt-users] RT virtual host config....

Jim Hogan jim.hogan at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 13:27:37 EDT 2005


Mapping out my first RT install and I note how examples for RT config seem
to assume separate virtual host for RT, especially in case of a FastCGI

I am running Pubcookie-protected Apache virtual hosts -- SSL, thus IP-based,
vhosts. Rather than add another IP host/subinterface for RT, I'd prefer to
just add it to our existing intranet vhost. I'd also, to the extent
possible, like to integrate with the anchor application on that vhost,

Do I face any gotchas down the road that maybe I am just not thinking of?
Likewise, I wonder if folks have just installed RT under an existing Webroot
to inherit (to some extent) that virtual host's <directory> directives....

Your thoughts appreciated.



-*- Jim Hogan
Seattle, WA
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