[rt-users] Question about Query Builder

Jeremy Stinson laxplayer at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 6 16:13:55 EDT 2005


Sorry if this has been answered before but I am rather new to RT (good 
product though). I have created a couple of queues for some customers and 
assigned a group restricted permissions to these queues.  When a "rights 
restricted" user goes into query builder they will only see the Queues that 
they are part of. But, they have the ability to see all Owners, especially 
those who do not have rights to the queue.

My guess is that this is because the tool wasn't designed to allow 
"customers" to access their queues as an unrestricted user. If this is the 
case, then it is fine, I might just have to hack at the perl.

If "customers" are supposed to be restricted users, then is there a way to 
have them be able to see ALL of the tickets that are part of their queue and 
not just the ones that are owned by them???

Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for my ignorance.

PS I did do some looking around to find these answers, I just was not able 
to find them in the WIKIs or the archives.



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