[rt-users] On Transaction access to Transaction Custom Fields

John Knag empireofjade at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 6 16:22:17 EDT 2005


I've seen this question kicked around the mailing list, but I haven't seen a 
definative answer.
Is it possible to access a transaction custom field in an on transaction 
scrip in RT 3.4.4?

I have a Transaction custom field called "CF"

I have the following scrip:

Custom condition:
if ($self->TransactionObj->TimeTaken > 0) {   return 1; } else {   return 
undef; } #works fine

Custom action prep code:
return 1;

Custom action cleanup code:
my $cfc = $self->TransactionObj->FirstCustomFieldValue('CF');

I don't get any output to the log.  I read that this was a bug with 3.4.2 
that it didn't update the custom field values before executing the scrips 
for a transaction, but that this was fixed in 3.4.3.  Has anyone been able 
to do this?  Is there a patch for 3.4.4 that I've missed that covers this?  
I'd love some help.


John Knag
GC InfoTech, LLC

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