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Jeremy Stinson laxplayer at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 7 10:56:16 EDT 2005

I do apologize. There are three questions in this mess...

1) We are creating separate queues for each of our customers and allowing them to log into RT to look at open tickets and create tickets on their own. When that user clicks on the "Ticket" link on the left and brings up the Query Builder, the user has the ability to see all the users on the system in the Owners drop-down. This user doesn't have rights to see other queues and in the Query Builder doesn't have the ability to choose other Queues. 

My questions is: Is this normal behavior for the tool to allow you to choose other owners even though they don't belong to the same queue? And then that answer brings up a couple more like: Do you have the ability to lock down that user to only see other users who have permission to the same queues as they do? Or, can you remove the "Tickets" link from the left side of the page when a user doesn't have a certain rights (kind of like configuration only showing up when the user has certain rights).

2) I think that all my problems would be solved by using unprivileged users but I have not been able to find the correct rights so that they can see all tickets created by all users for the queues that they have permissions to look at, only tickets for which they are the owner.

Thanks in advance for any insight that you might provide.

PS I just ordered the book in case I'm missing something simple :)

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  The is an confusing explanation of what you are trying to do...

  So are you saying you want a user without privileges to be able to query in RT?

  You can grant permissions for a user to see all the tickets in a queue. But you also have to grant them user rights as well...

  Is that what you are asking?

  Jeremy Stinson wrote: 

    Sorry if this has been answered before but I am rather new to RT (good product though). I have created a couple of queues for some customers and assigned a group restricted permissions to these queues.  When a "rights restricted" user goes into query builder they will only see the Queues that they are part of. But, they have the ability to see all Owners, especially those who do not have rights to the queue. 

    My guess is that this is because the tool wasn't designed to allow "customers" to access their queues as an unrestricted user. If this is the case, then it is fine, I might just have to hack at the perl. 

    If "customers" are supposed to be restricted users, then is there a way to have them be able to see ALL of the tickets that are part of their queue and not just the ones that are owned by them??? 

    Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for my ignorance. 

    PS I did do some looking around to find these answers, I just was not able to find them in the WIKIs or the archives. 



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