[rt-users] Question about Query Builder

Roy El-Hames rfh at pipex.net
Fri Oct 7 11:22:08 EDT 2005

I just re-read your original post .. it sounds to me you'll need to undo 
all your global rights and apply right to your users on a queue per 
queue basis ..but this will also lead you to complications ..
I am not in favour --personal opinion-- on grouping customers on a queue 
per queue basis , its better to use groups


Jeremy Stinson wrote:

> Roy,
> Thanks for the suggestion but it did not work for me. I actually 
> assigned all rights to both the user group and the upriviliged group 
> and neither helped when the user was unpriviliged.
> Thanks for the suggestion.
> Jeremy
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>> Jeremy Stinson wrote:
>>> I do apologize. There are three questions in this mess...
>>> 1) We are creating separate queues for each of our customers and 
>>> allowing them to log into RT to look at open tickets and create 
>>> tickets on their own. When that user clicks on the "Ticket" link on 
>>> the left and brings up the Query Builder, the user has the ability 
>>> to see all the users on the system in the Owners drop-down. This 
>>> user doesn't have rights to see other queues and in the Query 
>>> Builder doesn't have the ability to choose other Queues.
>>> My questions is: Is this normal behavior for the tool to allow you 
>>> to choose other owners even though they don't belong to the same 
>>> queue? And then that answer brings up a couple more like: Do you 
>>> have the ability to lock down that user to only see other users who 
>>> have permission to the same queues as they do? Or, can you remove 
>>> the "Tickets" link from the left side of the page when a user 
>>> doesn't have a certain rights (kind of like configuration only 
>>> showing up when the user has certain rights).
>>> 2) I think that all my problems would be solved by using 
>>> unprivileged users but I have not been able to find the correct 
>>> rights so that they can see all tickets created by all users for the 
>>> queues that they have permissions to look at, only tickets for which 
>>> they are the owner.
>> Have you tried to give *Show Ticket* and *See Queue* permissions to 
>> the Unprivileged group on each of the queues you want them to see ??
>> ie Configuration/Queues/<Select queue you want>/ from Sub menu group 
>> rights
>> Roy

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