[rt-users] First-time RT install questions.

Joby Walker joby at u.washington.edu
Tue Oct 18 15:24:53 EDT 2005

You should actually be able to start installing RT.  Follow the manual
instructions in the Wiki, and make sure to configure RT to use your
custom perl installation.  Then when you get to the step of using the
dependency checker/resolver it will handle installing the CPAN
dependencies for you.

Joby Walker
ITI SSG, University of Washington

Shaun T. Erickson wrote:
> First, let's start with perl.
> My CentOS-3 (RHEL-3) system had perl 5.8.0 installed, and RT says it
> needs 5.8.3 minimum. Following the 'ComplilingPerl' page, in the RT
> Wiki, I have built perl 5.8.7 and it is installed in /usr/local/perl-5.8.7.
> The page assumes that I already have a working RT installed, and uses it
> to help get the perl up to date with all required perl modules. I don't
> have RT installed yet though. Is there some way that I can install all
> these dependencies before installing RT? I know I can do this during the
> RT install, but I'd prefer to get it done ahead of time, if I can.
> Also, the page stops at the point of telling me I need to do something
> so that RT will use the new perl and not the vendor supplied one, but
> stops short of telling me what it is I need to do. What do I need to do?
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