[rt-users] Email output encoding and "RT Essentials"

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Sat Oct 22 13:35:43 EDT 2005

Leif Nixon wrote:
> Leif Nixon <nixon at nsc.liu.se> writes:
>>On the other hand, I now discovered that I18N.pm has a *hardcoded*
>>fallback from $EmailOutputEncoding to iso-8859-1 to utf-8, so if I
>>change $EmailOutputEncoding from its default value utf-8 to us-ascii,
>>I should get my dream behaviour already in RT 3.4.4, right?
> No, actually I don't understand SetMIMEEntityToEncoding in
> I18N.pm at all.

And based on your description, I agree that it's probably just...wrong.
I've opened a ticket. We have three or four issues in that chunk of code
that need looking at. We'll try to take care of them together, unless
some kind user beats us to it.


> First it does "$charset = _FindOrGuessCharset($entity)" to guess the
> current encoding, then it does
> Encode::from_to( $lines[$_], $charset => $enc ) for ( 0 .. $#lines );
> where $enc is $EmailOutputEncoding. Now, this will not fail even if
> the body can't be encoded into $enc, since the optional CHECK argument
> to from_to is missing.
> However, if the from_to call still manages to fail, the function tries
> Encode::from_to( $lines[$_], 'iso-8859-1' => $enc ) for ( 0 .. $#lines );
> instead. Perhaps the reasoning here is that _FindOrGuessCharset might
> guess incorrectly, and that the encoding might work if we interpret
> the body as iso-8859-1 instead?
> Anyway, the result of all this is that the mail will be forcibly
> encoded into $EmailOutputEncoding, whether it's possible or not.

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