[rt-users] SelectQueue CustomField

Howard Jones howard.jones at network-i.net
Tue Oct 25 05:35:23 EDT 2005

Rob Scheibel wrote:

> Trying to get a User CustomField to appear in the SelectQueue file and 
> having no luck. Here's what I've got:
> my $CFObj = RT::CustomField->new($queue->CurrentUser);
> $CFObj->LoadByNameAndQueue(Name => 'DefaultQueue', Queue => $queue->Id);
> The name of the CustomField is 'DefaultQueue' and it's setup as a User 
> CustomField versus a Ticket CustomField. I keep getting "undefined" 
> when I try to do $CFObj->Id after the 2nd line of code.
> I'm beyond stumped and would appreciate any and all help.

If the the CF is to select a default queue, what $queue->Id are you 
using there?? I think that you really want:
   $CFObj->LoadByName(Name => 'DefaultQueue');
LoadByName with no Queue parameter on says that it will search all CFs 
rather than just ticket CFs. I haven't actually tested that though, and 
I'm muddling my way through the same stuff at the moment.

Case in point: in the MIT RT manual, they show what seems to be a Queue 
CF for turning spam filtering on and off. Is that really what it is? or 
is it a case of making a Queue_Local.pm with more fields?



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