[rt-users] error using Shredder

Nathan, Ahalya Ahalya_Nathan at mudnebr.com
Tue Oct 25 12:13:46 EDT 2005

How did you install RTx::Shredder?  

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Trying to blow away a bunch of users created by a spam run, Shredder
kicks back the following error:

error:   	couldn't find resolver for dependency 'RT::User-16346
(depends on,resolvable dependency) RT::Attachment-36478' at
/usr/local/rt34/local/lib/RTx/Shredder/Dependency.pm line 87.

context:  	...  	
83:  	TargetClass => $self->TargetClass,
84:  	);
86:  	unless( $resolver ) {
87:  	die "couldn't find resolver for dependency '". $self->AsString
88:  	}
89:  	unless( UNIVERSAL::isa( $resolver => 'CODE' ) ) {
90:  	die "resolver is not code reference: '$resolver'";
91:  	}

code stack:

------------------------------------------------------------<memory at blan
My motorcycle/
stands forlorn on Hurlbut Street.
The fucker won't start.

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