[rt-users] oracle setup

Craig Stevenson stevensc at nsuok.edu
Tue Oct 25 18:10:11 EDT 2005


I have been working for a few days on getting RT installed on my system.

My system: redhat, oracle 10g, latest perl, and latest apache

The install scripts seem to balk on the oracle stuff.
--- I would appreciate any pointers incorporating Oracle to play with RT ---

I can drop and schema using sqlplus.  I cannot run the rt-setup-database 
on 'acl' or 'insert' option options.  I can do partial inserts of the 
I have not been able to insert a few of the tables.  I have been running 
the perl debugger on rt-setup-database to try and see my way through it.
I can be more detailed here in another message.

As far the the gui goes:  I have not been able to get the 'Preferences' 
button to appear next to the '| Logout' toggle.

At the moment I would really appreciate andy general RT/Oracle 
information.  I would also like some insight into the missing 
'Preferences' option.

Thanks for the help.

Craig Stevenson
|| stevensc at nsuok.edu | 918-456-5511x5955
|| Northeastern State University
|| 601 N. Grand | Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74464-2399

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