[rt-users] Change Queue Custom Scrip - moves back to original queueafter webui reloads

Raed El - Hames r at elhames.co.uk
Wed Oct 26 07:47:59 EDT 2005

I'll be very interested in the answers or the solution you get ..
Its all down to the order the update page (Update.html) or (ModifyAll.html) excute things ..
In your case: it picks up the change of status and excute all scrips related to this including moving to a different queue=>Q2.
then it goes through the Queue name and beacuse when you loaded update.html the ticket was in Q1, hence its that value loaded into %ARGS->{Queue}
and so it assume you need a change of queue back to Q1 ..
I have very similar problem (regarding owners) and I am interested of how this can be resolved.


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  Greetings Everyone,

  I have created a custom status that I am trying to set a condition on to move tickets from one queue to another.  The code that I have used is....

  Condition: On Status Change
  Action: User Defined

  Custom Condition: return 1;
  Custom action preparation code: return 1;
  Custom action cleanup code:
  my $TargetQueueName = 'Queue2';
  my $NewStatus = 'PassToQueue2';
  if (($self->TicketObj->Status eq "$NewStatus") && ($self->TicketObj->QueueObj->Name ne "$TargetQueueName")) {
      my $TicketObj = $self->TicketObj;
      my $Id = $TicketObj->Id;
      my $Status = $TicketObj->Status;
      my $QueueName = $TicketObj->QueueObj->Name;

      if ($Status ne $NewStatus) {
          my ($tstatus, $tmsg) = $TicketObj->SetStatus("$NewStatus");
          $RT::Logger->info("Changing status of ticket #". $Id ." to ". $NewStatus);
          unless ($tstatus) {
              die "Error: $tmsg";
      if ($QueueName ne $TargetQueueName) {
          my ($qstatus, $qmsg) = $TicketObj->SetQueue("$TargetQueueName");
          $RT::Logger->info("Moving Ticket #". $Id ." to ". $TargetQueueName ." Queue.");
          unless ($qstatus) {
              die "Error: $qmsg";
  return 1;

  The ticket moves queues but when the web ui reloads it resets it back to the old queue.

  I appreciate all feedback ....




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