[rt-users] Huge Attachments table in 3.4.4

Luke Vanderfluit lvanderf at internode.com.au
Wed Oct 26 20:48:30 EDT 2005

Hi Dan.

I'll try out the options you specified for indexing and keep the list

Dan O'Neill wrote:

> Oh, and you may want to optimize your tables on a daily basis with 
> something along the lines of
> myisamchk --quick --check-only-changed --sort-index --analyze --optimize
> I may not have all the options correct as I've migrated away from 
> mysql to postgresql for all my database needs.  Regardless, we do 
> garbage collection/optimization on our RT database using the 
> postgresql vacuumdb command on a daily basis - it helps.
I'm using innodb tables. :-)


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