[rt-users] Setting default queue.

Ken O'Driscoll rt-lists at ieinternet.com
Thu Oct 27 10:55:11 EDT 2005

Hello Shaun,

On Thu, 2005-10-27 at 15:43, Shaun T. Erickson wrote:
> I've created my first queue (bdhelp), my first group (sysadmins) and
> my first user (serickson). I gave the following rights to the
> sysadmins group:
> ShowTicket
> ShowTicketComments
> ShowOutgoingEmail
> Watch
> WatchAsAdminCc
> CreateTicket
> CommentOnTicket
> OwnTicket
> ModifyTicket
> DeleteTicket
> TakeTicket
> StealTicket
> When I log in as serickson, the queue fields at the top of the page
> for "New ticket in" and at the bottom of the page for "Quick ticket
> creation" are blank. Yet, if I log in as root, they show the bdhelp
> queue (only, as I disabled the "general" queue).

I think you need to either grant the SeeQueue right to the user or, if
you don't want to make the user privileged then grant it to the
"Unprivileged" group for that particular queue.

 - Ken. 

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