[rt-users] Backup Procedure

Thu Oct 27 15:02:04 EDT 2005

Hi there --

I have RT running with a MySQL database backend and am in the process of setting
up a backup schedule for the application and its host server. 

The software that I am using to for this purpose is Data Protector 5.1. I have
installed the agent program on the server and have done an initial backup of the
server in the following manner:

I have a scheduled cron job that shuts down the SQL server prior to the actual
backup taking place. The filesystems where RT and MySQL are located are backed
up to a remote tape device. After the backup is complete, another cron job is
automatically run to start the SQL server. 

I know the mysqldump utility is an option to use when backing up the database.
My question is, should I use mysqldump in addition to the above procedure or is
what I am doing now sufficient? Thanks.

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