[rt-users] Huge Attachments table in 3.4.4

Luke Vanderfluit lvanderf at internode.com.au
Fri Oct 28 03:11:05 EDT 2005


Ok. I'm now at the point where:
-(I'm about to fetch the axe from the shed :-)
-I've removed all indexes from the Groups table
-created the following indexes:

create unique index groups_key on Groups(id);
create index Groups1 ON Groups (Domain, Instance, Type, id);
create index Groups2 ON Groups (Type, Instance, Domain);

Then I did a trial run: 138 seconds to complete the query

I created 2 more indexes

create index Groups3 on Groups(Instance);
create index Groups4 on Groups(Type);

Another trial run: 137 seconds.

I created the following index:
create index Groups5 on Groups(Domain);

144 seconds.

The query in question is the same as on the following site and the 
indexes are taken from that site.

after dropping the last index I added (it seemed to only worsen the pain) I
stopped and started both mysql and apache
then got 150 seconds.

So these particular indexes didn't help.

I've used the expain select syntax to show what keys are being used in 
the query, it show that I have *no* keys being used on the Users table. 
I've tried several keys on the Users table but with no success.
I've documented everything so can supply you with the indexes if interested.

I'm sure there is an index out there that does what I want,
Any suggestions/help appreciated.

Kind regards.


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