[rt-users] Announcing: RTx::RightsMatrix 0.02

Todd Chapman todd at chaka.net
Mon Oct 31 11:58:16 EST 2005

RTx::RightsMatrix is an extension for Request Tracker (RT) that
makes managing and understanding RT rights easier. Once installed
an RT administrator can access the interface under Configuration ->
Tools -> Rights Matrix. If you have lots of queues, groups, or
custom fields, RTx::RightsMatrix should make managing RT's rights
much easier.

Users can also see and manage rights under Preferences -> My Rights.
(Note: The user menu requires RT > 3.4.4 or a callback must be
added to UserTabs)

RTx::RightsMatrix also includes support for mananging Asset Tracker
(AT) rights. AT is an asset tracking extension for RT.

New in 0.02: Managment of rights on Groups

(It may take an hour to reach CPAN)


You can also see it in action at the public Asset Tracker demo. (Although the public demo doesn't really show it off well because of the limited number of queues and groups, but it does get the idea across.)


Please send feedback!


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