[rt-users] Adding custom field values from Perl script.

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 11 10:03:40 EST 2006

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> Certainly:
>		if ($ticket->AddCustomFieldValue({ Field => 7, Value =>
>"" . $surveyid[0] . "" })) {
>			print "\tOK!\n";
>		} else {
>			print "\tFAILED!\n";
>			$dbh->pg_rollback_to("requestor_entry");
>		}


I can't see anything obviously wrong with the AddCustomFieldValue statement
- I'd recommend using the Perl debugger to step into the AddCustomFieldValue
method (in Record.pm) and see what it does.

I'm wondering about the use of the transaction control on the $dbh handle
though. The only database updates in the script are done through the RT API
using a separate database handle ($RT::Handle) - so the rollbacks, commits,
etc that you do on $dbh have no effect on these updates. The RT API has
methods to control transactions, so it might be better to use those.


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