[rt-users] Scrip not working

Stewart Tranter S.G.Tranter at lboro.ac.uk
Wed Feb 1 07:09:36 EST 2006


I have written a scrip that on queue change, will change the due date to 
two days from now, but when I move a ticket from one queue to another, 
nothing seems to happen.  My scrip is:

Condition:  On Queue Change
Action:  User defined
Template:  Global template: Blank
Stage:  TransactionCreate
Custom condition:
Custom action preparation code:  return(1);
Custom action cleanup code:

my $today = RT::Date->new($self->TicketObj->CurrentUser());
my $whichq = $self->TicketObj->Queue();
my $queue = new RT::Queue($RT::SystemUser);
my $daysuntildue = $queue->DefaultDueIn();

Can anyone see what's wrong?  I'll be submitting this to the Wiki when 
it works!


Stewart Tranter
Computing Services
Loughborough University

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