[rt-users] Stripping email history from reply mail body

Duncan Shannon dshannon at techfluent.com
Fri Feb 3 08:26:24 EST 2006

> A cool feature would be an option to "Clean up this message" or
> something.  I know PERL, but have little insight into RT, and my
> proportion of available time versus desire for this feature factored
> the initial learning curve is not correct yet.

That sounds like a cool feature indeed.

I know I get all sorts of complaints from people, and even more people
don't seem to care and as a result clutter things up (or perhaps they
don't feel they can spend all that time doing it manually... poor over
worked people ;) )

It would be kinda cool to have a way to make it an option... to clean it
up. What about even using some JS on the client side and then strip
everthing that starts with > or >>>>>


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