[rt-users] Fickle owner changes

Jonathan Godbeer JonathanG at pyramidcorporation.com
Sat Feb 4 15:37:03 EST 2006

In one of my queues, I have set up a scrip to send a template which is a form that needs printing. That part works fine, now it only sends the form to the new owner on owner change.

Here's the catch. If owner A creates a ticket and sets it to nobody initially, then takes ownership once the necessary information is sent out, the scrip does not run and the form is not sent to them. However, if owner A sets it to nobody as before and completes it then sets it to owner B, owner B does receive the e-mail.

This tells me that the system does recognize the change in ownership from nobody to somebdy as a change.

Basically, if someone Takes a ticket, it isn't classifying this as an owner change. If they assign it from unowned, it does. Why? Any thoughts on how to correct this behaviour?
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