[rt-users] FastCGI vs/or FastCGId? System memory "leak"?

Justin Zygmont justin at cityfone.net
Mon Feb 6 12:52:19 EST 2006

Tomas Olaj wrote:
> On the marvelous Wed, 1 Feb 2006, Justin Zygmont wrote kindly to me ...
>>>> Jesse mentioned at the Amsterdam class that mod_FCGId is another 
>>>> alternative (http://fastcgi.coremail.cn/) to mod_FastCGI, and I  
>>>> will have a closer look at this source. And, the source code looks  
>>>> newer and maintained. ;)
>>> Hello,
>>> did anybody use fcgid successfully to replace fascgi? I would love an 
>>> rt-specific configuration sample.
>>> Regards,
>>>     Harald
>> I tried it, and it seemed to work great, until a few users noticed a 
>> place where they could not create a ticket.  When I switched it back 
>> to cgi, or fastcgi, it worked again.  So much for using that...
>> Meanwhile, I can the fastcgi processes slowly taking up more and more 
>> ram.
> I really haven't got time to test FCGId. Do You say that this software 
> is not recommendable? Could there be other alternatives than FastCGI? 
> FastCGI works, but it consumes memory, and I worry because no one 
> maintains the source code.

It's really easy to test, I think it would work as a drop in replacement 
for fastcgi, but when I tried it, I noticed there was 1 situation where 
I used to be able to create a ticket that would not work anymore.  When 
I switched back to fastcgi, it worked again.  so I know fcgid can't be 
100%, it's too bad, I don't know why something as useful as fastcgi 
wouldn't be maintained anymore.  I'm not sure where the problem was, I 
was hoping for feedback from other people about it too, i'd have to 
recommend to stay with fastcgi, the memory leak doesnt seem huge, it 
just needs a restart once in a while.  I can't wait for RHEL5 with 
modperl 2 :) I sure hope it will use it.

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