[rt-users] Fickle owner changes

Schultz, Eric ESchultz at corp.untd.com
Thu Feb 9 12:24:40 EST 2006

Here are some wiki entries on custom fields that may help you to write
your scrip/template:


Basically, just search for "CustomField" (or some variation thereof) on
the BP wiki to see examples of what other people are trying to do.


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	Ok. Still looking for help on this one.
	The problem is I need to have owner notification when a certain
condition occurs. I even went so far as to make a new custom field
called purch_send_form in my queue and make a custom condition stating
that when the word "Send" is entered in that field, it will send the
form (template to owner).
	Here is that code:
	if (($self->TransactionObj->Type eq "CustomField") &&
	($self->TransactionObj->NewValue eq "Send")) {
	} else {
	Again, nothing is happening when i take one of the tickets in my
test instance and set that field. Any suggestions? 
	I'm not a heavy programmer, I am just trying to use this tool to
improve our work flow. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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		I started looking into my issue and realized that part
of the problem is I am creating a scrip to run off of OnOwnerChange when
I should be making a custom condition.
		This queue is used for purchasing. We get a request and
fill out what information we are given. We then do the footwork and fill
in the remaining fields after researching needs and costs. Once that is
done I wanted to have a specific template sent to the owner to be
printed out and handed off to the paper bureaucracy.
		I had initially set it up so that once the information
was inputted, the person working the ticket would assign themself
ownership and receive the form to print in the e-mail. The system is not
recognizing the owner change in certain situations.
		What I would like to do now then is to have the template
I have created be sent to the owner when a specific custom field is set
from a null value to a string value.
		Here is what I have so far from reading through related
		if (($self->TransactionObj->Type eq "CustomField") and
		($self->TransactionObj->Field eq "purch_vendor") and
		($self->TransactionObj->NewValue ne 0)) {
		} else {
		Now one thing that I realized from reading up is that
the Field eq "purch_vendor" will probably not work. I read that you need
to specify the field's ID. How do I call on that information?

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			In one of my queues, I have set up a scrip to
send a template which is a form that needs printing. That part works
fine, now it only sends the form to the new owner on owner change.

			Here's the catch. If owner A creates a ticket
and sets it to nobody initially, then takes ownership once the necessary
information is sent out, the scrip does not run and the form is not sent
to them. However, if owner A sets it to nobody as before and completes
it then sets it to owner B, owner B does receive the e-mail.

			This tells me that the system does recognize the
change in ownership from nobody to somebdy as a change. 

			Basically, if someone Takes a ticket, it isn't
classifying this as an owner change. If they assign it from unowned, it
does. Why? Any thoughts on how to correct this behaviour?

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