[rt-users] Daily Stats - different versions (per user / per tech) ?

Michael Finn mfinn at nbutexas.com
Fri Feb 10 13:28:13 EST 2006

Here's a modification of the SQL query to give a current count of new
and open tickets for each Owner:

SELECT CONCAT(t.count,',',t.Status,',',u.realname)
FROM (SELECT Owner, Status, COUNT(Owner) AS count
      FROM Tickets
      WHERE Status = 'new' OR Status = 'open'
      GROUP BY Owner, Status) AS t
     LEFT JOIN Users u ON t.owner = u.id
ORDER BY u.realname, t.Status;

Works on RT 3.4.4, FCore4, mysql 4.1.11


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Hi All-

This daily stats script is great script.  


I have it setup, and it worked beautifully with RT 3.4.4.

Has anyone modified this at all to make different but similar reports?

Eg - a report of # of new and # of open (and then totals) tickets per

I wish my sql was better, but I tried to hack thru the query that was
there a bit, and I was afraid I'd break something.

Anyone do this already or have some suggestions?



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