[rt-users] Wierd reinstall problem

murrah boswell murrah at aspect1.net
Sun Feb 12 21:38:24 EST 2006

hello all,

i am new to rt, and have been setting it up for testing.

i had rt installed on one machine (it was working fine) and took it off
(deleted /opt/rt3 directory, deleted rt3 database from mysql) to install it
on another (again, it was working fine), then i decided to reinstall it on
the original machine.

now though, after a complete reinstall on the original machine, i am having
problems.  i can get rt running on the original machine, but when i log in
as 'root,' and select the Configuration tab to add users and queues, i just
get the root home page back.  i am never presented with options to add users
or queues.  it acts like it is trying to do something, but then drops me
back into the root home page.

anybody have any idea what i might have done wrong here the second time
around?  are there some control variables in other places beside /opt/rt3
and mysql that i need to purge before i reinstall?


murrah boswell
systems administrator
aspect1/infomagic/digitalresources dot nets

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