[rt-users] rt-3.5.7 new install issues

Corey corey_s at qwest.net
Sun Feb 12 23:52:44 EST 2006

On Sunday February 12 2006 9:12 pm, Tracy Phillips wrote:
> Corey wrote:
> > Is there something different about the way rt 3.5 reads the
> > RT_SiteConfig.pm?
> You have probably already tried this but, have you restarted or stopped
> and started apache?


Thanks for the response - but yep, I had tried restarting apache several 
times, among quite a few other things.

However, looks like the issue turned out to be with the gentoo ebuild I was 
using -- I had modified the known working 3.4.5 ebuild, so that it would 
build/install/configure 3.5.7.  It appeared to have... "mostly worked".

When I tried doing a fresh install using the vanilla rt-3.5.7.tar.gz, I was 
able to confirm that everything worked as expected - aside from that 
secondary issue with the images ( like the bplogo.gif ) still not working; 
which, I later figured out was due to an apparent problem with the 
autohandler that's in .../NoAuth/images/ - when I removed it, the images 
showed up just fine.



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