[rt-users] HUGE memory usage

Jason Fenner jfenner at vitamix.com
Mon Feb 13 12:29:07 EST 2006

That's strange.  Is the MySQL DB really large or something?  Is the 
ambient load average on the gentoo box high?

Giles Constant wrote:

>I'm using rt 3.4.5 on gentoo, and I've tried both apache 1 and apache 2 
>through mod_perl and mod_fastcgi, and every time I click a link or button in 
>rt, it uses about 2 gigs of ram and takes about a minute of swapping to 
>process the click.  It's configured to use mysql.
>During this time, no strange errors are dumped, and various stracing doesn't 
>show anything suspicious.  I would provide more information than this, but 
>I'm running out of places to look.  Has anyone come across this?

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