[rt-users] HUGE memory usage

Robert Rowland Robert at directnetit.com.au
Wed Feb 15 02:09:24 EST 2006

>> I had the same problem on my Gentoo machine.  It was a newly
>> system with a clean database, its only roll was RT .
>> Apache 2.0.55
>> Perl 5.8.7
>> mod_perl 2.0.1-r2
>> MySQL 5.0.18
>> I tried both perl and fastcgi, only with apache2, but found the same 
>> thing via both.  Due to time constraints I had to move to another 
>> distro to get it up and running ASAP but if a cause is found I would 
>> love to migrate it back to my Gentoo server.

> Anyone on this list got it to work on gentoo then? :-)

Yes, we have no problems with 3.4.5 on a Gentoo server

Perl 5.8.7
MySQL 5.0.16
mod_perl 2.0.1-r2
mod_fastcgi 2.4.2-r1

Using FastCGI on Apache2

Installed mostly according to the Gentoo guide in the wiki, with some
tweaking when the app didn't work at first...

Robert Rowland

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