[rt-users] SetStatus with rt-Crontoll

Leon rt at tux.datalink.co.za
Wed Feb 15 07:48:33 EST 2006

I have used the SetPriority example from the Wiki and I am trying to 
resolve tickets after a couple of days, but when I try to SetStatus  in 
place of SetPriority, I get the following error:

[Wed Feb 15 12:41:45 2006] [crit]: Failed to load module 
RT::Action::SetStatus. () at /opt/rt3/bin/rt-crontool line 163. 

I am trying to execute this:
/opt/rt3/bin/rt-crontool \
   --search RT::Search::ActiveTicketsInQueue  --search-arg onyxplus \
   --condition RT::Condition::UntouchedInHours --condition-arg 0 \
   --action RT::Action::SetStatus --action-arg resolved \

Any Ideas what could be wrong?


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