[rt-users] MORE -- Re: RT 3.4.5 FastCGIexternal Apache2

Bill R. Williams brw at etsu.edu
Fri Feb 17 11:27:05 EST 2006

Replying to my own post (request for HELP!!) to suppliment the
original information.

It appears that the need for the double slash after the hostname
> * http://rt.mydomain.ext//
is introduced/needed somewhere in RT.  Possbily a redirection?
Why do I say this?  (And I could be jumping to the wrong conclusion...)

I modified my apache definition from:
  <Virtualhost xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:80>
to answer on port 8008:
  Listen 8008
  <Virtualhost xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8008>
NO other changes.

And these:
work like a charm.

SURELY somebody has encountered this before.
Maybe one of you on the rt-devel list knows something?

Just to be complete, here are the actual Apache directives I am using,
but with fake host/IP.domain:
LoadModule fastcgi_module modules/mod_fastcgi.so

# (FastCgiExternalServer -- ONE LONG LINE in .conf file)
FastCgiExternalServer /usr/local/RT/rt/bin/mason_handler.fcgi \
	-host localhost:50080 -idle-timeout 120

Listen 8008
        UseCanonicalName Off
        ServerName rt.mydomain.ext

        ErrorLog logs/rt.error_log
        CustomLog logs/rt.access_log combined

        DocumentRoot /usr/local/RT/rt/share/html
        AddHandler fastcgi-script fcgi
        ScriptAlias / /usr/local/RT/rt/bin/mason_handler.fcgi/

I appreciate any help.
 Bill R.  Williams       <brw AT etsu DOT edu>
 ------------------------ ETSU Library Systems

On Thu, Feb 16, 2006 at 04:16:10PM -0500, Bill R. Williams wrote:
> I have just installed a "captive" RT 3.4.5 using FastCgiExternalServer
> hosted on Apache/2.0.52.  (perl 5.8.7, mysql Ver 5.0.18)
> And it's sorta working: that is it will run, but something between the
> apache and RT urls is just really strange.  I have tried variations on
> all sorts of the example "How To RT ... Apache2" and haven't found the
> magic bean.  Also, I am *very* vanilla in the RT_SiteConfig.pm in that
> I am using the defaults for the $Web... things.  (I did try fiddling
> with those, but things got worse instead of better!)
> I have the RT in a <Virtualhost rt.mydomain.ext:>
> and it works *IF* I use two (2) slashes at the end of the URL!
> Example:
> * http://rt.mydomain.ext
>   http://rt.mydomain.ext/
>   http://rt.mydomain.ext/index.html
> 	Either of these will end up routed to apache's default server
> 	document root / homepage  which is not 'rt's!
> BUT...
> * http://rt.mydomain.ext//
>   http://rt.mydomain.ext//index.html
>   	Either of these will get me the RT login, and I can proceed
> 	from there to enter RT and do whatever.  As long as I don't
> 	click [Home] which will send me to the default server again.
> Anybody got a clue about this?
> All the stuff that I *thougt* would be really problematic
> (FastCgiExternalServer for example) turned out to be rather easy.

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