[rt-users] Newbie question about email

Bob Goldstein bobg at uic.edu
Wed Feb 22 23:27:39 EST 2006

>I am new to RT and have a question about sendmail.
>I only have a DSL on my home computer and use Dynamic DNS service to
>map the site name to my current IP address. I do not have a static IP
>address and domain name.
>Just wonder whether I can install RT on my home computer, especially
>for the email service. Do I need to subscribe to some MailHop Relay
>and Forward service so that sendmail can work?

  Well, you obviously _can_ read email :-)

  One idea is to establish a POP account with some ISP.
  Have the RT mail go there.  Then use something like
  fetchmail to get that mail and deliver it to your
  RT instance.


>Any suggestions will be welcomed.
>Thanks a lot in advance!
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