[rt-users] Problem upgrading RTFM from 2.0.4 to 2.2.0RC1

Phil Smith III lists at akphs.com
Thu Feb 23 14:43:26 EST 2006

I suspect -- nay, assume -- this is just my ignorance.

I have RTFM 2.0.4 running happily, wanted to upgrade to 2.2.0RC1.

I downloaded 2.2.0RC1 and un-tarred it.

The README that results says to:

1) perl Makefile.PL

2) perl -I/path/to/your/rt/lib sbin/migrate-2.0-to-2.1

That second step fails, saying it can't locate YAML.pm.  Indeed, neither can I.

Are the instructions just out of date?

Hmm, OK, I got brave and did a "make install" after the failure, and it seemed to work OK.  So I guess this note is just out there as an FYI for the next ignorant soul who trips over this...


Phil Smith III

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