[rt-users] Reverse Chronological Ticket History Sorting - to assist with slow page loading

Chance Ervin cervin at intelenet.net
Fri Feb 24 19:01:04 EST 2006

In the same train of thought, I would like to see something like:

Brief ticket History (default)
Full ticket history (clickable link)

We sometimes have the same issue with very long tickets.

Chance Ervin

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Subject: [rt-users] Reverse Chronological Ticket History Sorting - to
assist with slow page loading

On some of our more lengthy tickets it takes awhile to load the ticket 
history when you open it.

Some of our users have request "reverse chronological" sorting so that 
they can read the latest correspondence first as they wait for the page 
to load.

Any ideas where I could make this customization?

Feature Request:
1) It would be great if ticket history sort-order could be set as an 
individual preference.

2) Another interesting toggle/individual option that might be nice would

be to load only "x" transactions in the history section of an open 
ticket.  Which you could click for more if desired.

My current RT Build 3.2.2 - I'm going to put this on _real_ server 
hardware shortly, hopefully the slow page loading problem will be 
somewhat diminished.

Mike Patterson
Systems Manager
UC Berkeley Extension


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