[rt-users] purging database of deleted users - shredder

Luke Vanderfluit lvanderf at internode.com.au
Sun Feb 26 20:01:13 EST 2006


In an ongoing effort in our organisation to improve the performance of 
RT, we are currently at the stage where we wish to start removing 
tickets from the database.

I have a couple of questions about this.
1. Would purging tickets that have status deleted impact on overall RT 
(my understanding is that tickets with status 'deleted' aren't included 
in searching, so purging them may not make a difference in performance, 
obviously there'd be a difference in db size)
2. Can anyone point me to scripts that do database purging of any kind? 
(I'm sure there are many, searching the wiki doesn't give me many 
results in terms of actual scripting)
I'm about to start writing a script, so if there's any code out there I 
may be able to reuse it.

3. I've installed Shredder and although it's a great concept, it takes 
ages for search results to appear, not to mention the time it takes to 
'wipe out'.
I did a search on attachments above 1 Mbyte. That took a long time, too 
long to tie up the production machine.
Then I did a search for all tickets with 'deleted' status, there are 
87000 in our database. It took a long time to find all those tickets, 
but when I went to 'wipe out', the URL was too long to process the request.
In short, shredder is too slow to use as it would tie up the production 
machine and bring performance to a crawl.


Kind regards.


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