[rt-users] Comments causing 'Page cannot be displayed' error in IE6

Brendan Arnold brendanarnold at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 12:13:47 EST 2006

Yes you are right, it is the perl binary in /usr/local/bin that is
referred to in the shebang line at the top of mason_handler.fcgi, this
is version 5.8.5, I assumed it was /usr/bin/perl that was used.

I suspect the intermittent IE error is caused by one of two reasons,

Apache is sending encrypted content via TLS 1.0 and IE by default does
not accept this. I have enabled TLS 1.0 and so far this seems to work,
although it could just be that the error has not cropped up yet.

The other thing I noticed is that in most web-forms the script is
referred to root relative (i.e. action="/rt/Ticket/Create.html")
whereas the Update form is purely relative (i.e.
action="Update.html"). Would this make a difference?

I am reluctant to upgrade since I don't want to to risk data loss,
settings loss etc.



On 2/27/06, Jesse Vincent <jesse at bestpractical.com> wrote:
> > Apache 1.3 + FastCGI
> > RT 3.4.2
> > Perl 5.6.1
> I think you might have gotten the perl version wrong. There's no way RT
> 3.4 should work on Perl 5.6. (And you might want to try coming up to RT
> 3.4.5 to see if your intermittent IE-only error's been sorted out.)

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