[rt-users] Spam filtering

Vivek Khera vivek at khera.org
Tue Jan 17 16:19:58 EST 2006

On Jan 16, 2006, at 8:35 AM, kilim wrote:

> RT. This is due to the fact that our mail server will be handled by
> another department and we need to have a RT antispam-solution that
> doesn't involve them in any way.

At this point, much of the most effective spam blocking/filtering is  
unavailable to you.  You really need to do the bulk of your blocking  
at the point it enters your network so you can detect and act on  
various clues from the remote end.

But if you insist, you can just pipe the mail thru your filter before  
you pipe it into rt-mailgate via your mail aliases file.

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