[rt-users] Creating tickets via cron

Rappaport, Evan evan at mtvn.com
Fri Jan 27 09:38:53 EST 2006

The easiest way that I've found to create RT tickets from cron is to make a small universal perl script that takes parameters.  The perl script uses the RT perl interface.

A sample call to the perl script from cron would be something like this.

/home/scheduler/rt_custom.pl -subject='Diary for Early this week' -owner='Nobody' -requestor='joe at blow.com' -queue='Morning Tasks' -priority='99'  -work_type='Task' -department='Unix Systems'

And the code for rt_custom.pl would be something like this.  Note, I use some custom fields which will differ from your RT installation.


#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use lib ("/opt/rt3/local/lib","/opt/rt3/lib");
use RT::Interface::CLI;
use RT;
use RT::Ticket;
use RT::CurrentUser;
use Getopt::Long;

$queue = '';
$body = '';

GetOptions ("queue=s" => \$queue,
            "subject=s" => \$subject,
            "owner=s" => \$owner,
            "requestor=s" => \$requestor,
            "priority=s" => \$priority,
            "body=s" => \$body,
            "AdminCc=s" => \$AdminCc,
	      "cc=s" => \$cc,
            "site=s" => \$site,
            "work_type=s" => \$work_type,
            "department=s" => \$department,
	      "group=s" => \$group,
	      "RefersTo=s" => \$RefersTo,
	      "ReferredToBy=s" => \$ReferredToBy,
	      "DependsOn=s" => \$DependsOn,
	      "Parents=s" => \$Parents

# setting some defaults
if ($queue eq '')
	exit (0);

if ($body eq '')
	$body=' ';

if ($owner eq '') {$owner = 'Nobody';}

my $CurrentUser = RT::Interface::CLI::GetCurrentUser();

use MIME::Entity;

my $ticket = new RT::Ticket($CurrentUser); 
my $ticket_body = MIME::Entity->build(Data => $body,
                                     Type => 'text/plain'); 

my %ticket_vals = ( Queue => $queue,
                   Subject => $subject,
                   Owner => $owner,
                   Requestor => $requestor,
                   InitialPriority => $priority,
                   # FinalPriority => '0',
                   MIMEObj => $ticket_body,
		       AdminCc => $AdminCc,
		       Cc => $cc,
                   'CustomField-1' => $site,
                   'CustomField-2' => $work_type,
                   'CustomField-9' => $department,
		       'CustomField-14' => $group,
		       'RefersTo' => $RefersTo,
		       'ReferredToBy' => $ReferredToBy,
		       'DependsOn' => $DependsOn,
		       'MemberOf' => $Parents

my ($id, $transaction_object, $err) = $ticket->Create(%ticket_vals); print $err . "\n" if $err;

sub print_usage
	print "\nusage: rt_custom.pl -queue <rt queue> [optional parameters]\n";
	print "\nThe queue name is manditory but all other parameters are optional.\n";
	print "The following options are supported:\n\n";
	print "-subject <subject> \n";
	print "-owner <owner> \n";
	print "-requestor <requestor e-mail> \n";
	print "-priority <Initial Priority> \n";
	print "-AdminCc <AdminCc> \n";
	print "-cc <Cc> \n";
	print "-site <site> \n";
	print "-work_type <Work Type> \n";
	print "-department <department> \n";
	print "-group <Group Performed By>\n";
	print "-subject <subject> \n";
	print "-body <ticket body> \n";
	print "-RefersTo <Refers To> \n";
	print "-ReferredToBy <Referred To By> \n";
	print "-DependsOn <Depends On>\n";
	print "-Parents <Parents>\n";
	print "\nExample: ./rt_custom.pl -queue=\"Development\" -subject=\"This is a test subject for test script\" -owner='bob' -requestor='joe\@blow.com' -priority=99 -body=\"This is the body of the ticket\" -AdminCc=\"supervisor\@blow.com\" -cc=\"manager\@blow.com\" -site=\"blow.com\" -work_type=\"Task\" -department=\"Unix Systems\"\n\n";



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On Thu, 26 Jan 2006, Paulo Matos wrote:

pm> RTx-WebCronTool - web interface for the built-in "rt-crontool" 
pm> utility, allowing scheduled processes to be launched remotely.
pm> http://search.cpan.org/~autrijus/RTx-WebCronTool/

Please ignore this last part... this is not the answer!! 

rt-crontool, is used to act on existent tickets... but it can run arbitry code from RT, so in theory it is possible (but might be the hard way to do what you want).

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