[rt-users] RT Cleverness

Bob Goldstein bobg at uic.edu
Fri Jan 27 16:42:15 EST 2006

>After using RT for a year, I just noticed something clever that was not
>When you post a Reply or Comment, you can modify the recipients at the
>bottom of the screen using the checkboxes and the "Save Changes" button.
>I just realized that the changes you make here are _permanent_ until you
>revert them, meaning that you can "squelch" a someone out of the
>conversation until you're ready to include them again.
>I'd seen the documentation for the squelch list in the API, but I didn't
>know that it was being used (and saved with the ticket) for this purpose.=
>Anyway, that's very clever. My only complaint is that the button at the
>bottom should be named "Save E-mail Recipients" or something, because a
>lot of our technical staff will get confused and hit the Save Changes
>button instead of the Update Ticket button.

   To add my own tiny nit:  this section is set up so that
   checking a box means "change the status".  The effect of
   the check depends on the current status, which you have to

   As opposed to pre-checking those getting mail, and leaving
   blank those not getting mail.  Therefore the "checkmark"
   would always mean "gets mail", and you could uncheck
   it if you wanted to.

   We had enough confusion over this point initially that I just
   told people "don't use this feature".


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