[rt-users] Make last modified tickets to stand out

Pawel Weglewski rt_admin at cirrus.pl
Tue Jan 31 04:00:35 EST 2006

One thing that has come to my mind after a while with RT was making
tickets with newest replies/comments to stand out. In the front page of
RT in the "x highest priority tickets i own" table all of the tickets
titles are balded by default. I would like to change that behavior.
I want that the ticket titles written in plain font, and balded if a
ticket has received a reply that hasn't been yet read by the owner.
Anyone have any ideas how to do it?

With regards

Pawel Weglewski
Konsultant d/s Kluczowych Klientow
Cirrus - Aedificaremus Tibi
tel.: (058) 530 06 57
mail: pweglewski at cirrus.pl

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