[rt-users] RT3.6 submit buttons css formatting problem

Steven McDonald mcdonald at triumf.ca
Mon Jul 3 02:58:05 EDT 2006

Hello Thomas

    Thanks for the reply, I have sent a couple of small image 
attachments to demonstrate, I am not sure if this is acceptable practice 
for the mailing list but is the best way to show my point. The first 
image is from RT 3.4.5 using FireFox (Internet Explorer also 
shows the same image), The second image is from a RT 3.6 default 
installation, both FireFox and IE show the same image. The third image 
is what gets displayed both by FireFox and IE if I run RT3.6 with the 
3.4-compat CSS. The screenshots on the bestpractical website show images 
similiar to the 1st and 3rd images of mine but with square corners. In 
my case there is no customized CSS. I agree that the browser(s) may be 
providing some CSS customization but why would they produce different 
results depending on whether I run RT3.6 in 3.4-compat mode compared to 
3.5-default mode.

This is not a huge issue to me, but my first impression was that the 
submit buttons in RT3.6 looked like they had lost  CCS information and 
so I thought I had something incorrect in my configuration.


PS some updated screenshots of RT 3.6 on the bestpractical website might 
help show what is to be expected. Nice work though, thanks

Thomas Sibley wrote:
> Steven McDonald wrote:
>> Anyway the problem I have is all the submit buttons, "login", 
>> "Create", "Go", "Search", "New Ticket in", " Modify Group rights" etc 
>> etc do not seem to be displaying correctly, they are not the nice 
>> rounded edge buttons from previous versions of RT. They consists of 
>> two square boxes one just out side the other, blue color. It seems 
>> they are not getting the css image formatting. I traced what I think 
>> are the rounded edges used in the formatting to NoAuth/images/css, at 
>> first I thought it was not find this directory, yet I am getting the 
>> rolldown-array and rollup-arrow images which are in this same directory.
> This is the default 3.6 style.  At no point in the past that I am 
> aware of has RT had rounded buttons.  Your _browser_ may have been 
> rounding the buttons or perhaps custom CSS.
> Hope that helps,
> Tom
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